Bucket Buddy

Stop carrying your bucket!                  


 You now have a safer way to work, freeing up your hands for interior and exterior ladder painting. Stop taking chances, holding a paint brush in one hand, and a paint bucket in the other hand, trying to climb a ladder.

 The Bucket Buddy is also a tool holder. You no longer have to go hunting for your hand tools for preparing your paint job. The Bucket Buddy has a built in opening for a multi-purpose tool to scrape loose paint, filling holes, putty window sash, remove nails, open a paint can and clean rollers.

 To remove all those different wall plates, there are two screw driver openings for a straight head and Philips head screw driver. It also has four side hooks to hold a painters rag and additional tools. It’s like having a tool box conveniently on your side.


  • Fits belt sizes up to 2″

  • Custom designed to be used with Buddy Bucket

  • The holders made of polypropylene that’s light weight and durable

  • The harness is flexible which contours to the waist and pads the user