Buddy Bucket big with puddle


 The Buddy Bucket with its drip-less wiping flange  allows you to paint without the worry of paint dripping everywhere, leaving you with a cleaner work area. The excess paint drips back into the bucket, preventing accidents caused by stepping in paint drippings and tracking them on to floors.

 Its has a ergonomically designed contoured fitting handle that rests on top of your hand for a comfortable working experience. This prevents muscle fatigue from having to carry your paint bucket over long periods of time. With its 1 quart capacity, the Buddy Bucket hand-held cut-in paint bucket is the perfect size for trimming out a room.

 Whether your home painting project involves interior or exterior painting, the Buddy Bucket is custom designed to be used as a hand-held paint bucket or a hands free container when placed in the Bucket Buddy belt attached holder, for those jobs when you need to climb a ladder.



Drip-less Wiping Flange : The flange is located around the top of the rim, and is angled downwards. It allows you to wipe your paint brush inside the paint pail away from the rim, allowing excess paint to drip back into the container. It eliminates the worry of paint dripping down the outside of your paint bucket and getting on your floors. It prevents accidents and leaves you with a cleaner work area.

Paint Brush Holder: Built into the wiping flange is a brush holding magnet that is nickel coated to prevent from rusting.

Pouring Spout: The Buddy Bucket with a 1 quart capacity, has a easy clean-up pouring spout for a precise transfer of liquids.

Polypropylene Construction: Made of polypropylene it can handle all your projects involving all types of paints, stains and solvents.