Buddy System


The Buddy System is a belt attached paint bucket holder with a removable dripless paint bucket. It positions your paint bucket at your side for easy access, allowing a painter to work more comfortably without having to carry his paint bucket.

 For interior and exterior ladder painting, the Buddy System provides a safer way to work, freeing up your hands to climb up and down ladders. The holder and dripless paint bucket are ideal to cut-in walls and ceilings from a stepladder. Painting window and door trim couldn’t be easier with your paint bucket on your side. No more bending down repeatedly to reapply paint to your brush.​

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Features: Buddy System includes holder and paint bucket

Holder: The holder which can be worn on either side whether you’re right-handed or left-handed is custom designed for the dripless paint bucket allowing the bucket to drop down inside the holder for a secure fit. The holder organizes your tools with compartments for two screw drivers to remove various wall plates and an opening for a multi-purpose tool to remove peeling paint, filling holes and opening a paint can lid. It also has side hooks for a painters rag and cut-in tape. It’s like having a tool box conveniently at your side. Fits belt sizes up to 2″

Drip-Less Paint Bucket: The paint bucket has a dripless wiping flange located around the top rim and is angled downwards. It allows you to wipe your paint brush inside the paint bucket away from the rim, allowing excess paint to drip back into the container. It eliminates the worry of paint dripping down the outside of your paint bucket and getting on your floors. It prevents accidents and leaves you with a cleaner work area. Built into the wiping flange is a brush holding magnet that is nickel coated to prevent from rusting. With its 1 quart capacity, it’s the perfect size for trimming out a room.  The paint bucket also has an easy clean-up pouring spout for a precise transfer of paints.

Polypropylene Construction: Made of polypropylene it can handle all your projects involving all types of paints, stains and solvents.