Ergonomic Paint Tools

As we get up there in age, having worked many years in the construction industry, you know what’s it’s like to get up every morning and drag your aching body out of bed for that next pay check. We’re all so busy with our daily lives, we don’t spend enough time trying to make are jobs a tad easier by searching for the right equipment to eliminate some of this pain.

I’ve put together some information with regards to ergonomic painting tools that may be able to help you out whether you’re a beginner or have been painting all your life. These tools will address the issues of holding something for extended periods of time which can cause muscle fatigue or being in an awkward position, whether bending with your back, stretching your neck or positioning your hand and arm in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time.

Ergonomic tools allow you to work more comfortably, eliminating muscle fatigue. The tools allow you to position your body so you’re more relaxed, rather than being tense. The tools are designed to fit the human body with a more natural posture, to prevent strain injuries.

There are a few brushes available that claim to help with wrist and finger fatigue The Galax G Ergo thMaster Pro is a paint brush holder for your hand that allows you to insert different size brushes into a plastic hand grip. It allows the weight of the brush to be on top of the hand, rather than in your hand.

The hand and fingers now simply guide the brush, which reduces strain and fatigue.

They also have a brush holder that you fasten to a paint can to place your brush when not in use.

A brush called The Right Brush is manufactured at a right angle or at 90 degrees. It allows your wrist to be in a more neutral position allowing the stronger arm and shoulder muscles to be This places less stress on the wrist and hand muscles. The handle is made of polypropylene with polyester nylon bristles. The brush is available in 2 ½” angle cut and can be used for left and right handed painters.

Paint without injury and pain. The pistol-grip ergonomic paint brush is designed to make this possible. Comfort and correct positioning is why this paint brush was developed. Use this brush for your home improvement paint projects of all kinds.

A company called The Woolie has a paint brush called The Pistol Grip. It is manufactured at a 90 degree angle with a hand grip. The brush and

hand grip are one piece. The company states that you have better brush control and increased precision using their brush. The brush is designed to reduce stress in finger joints and muscle cramping. The Pistol Grip is available in 4 different sizes.

The Buddy System by Big Boy Ind. is a paint bucket holder with dripless paint bucket. The holderholderp_clipped_rev_1 fastens to your belt, positioning your paint bucket at your side for easy access. You no longer have to bend down repeatedly to reapply paint to your brush eliminating back pain. You no longer have to carry your paint bucket for long periods of time, eliminating hand and wrist pain.

The holder with paint bucket also has a brush holding magnet. This allows you to work safer by free up your hands to climb ladders and scaffolding. For the quick paint jobs when a holder is not needed, the removable dripless paint bucket called the Buddy Bucket has a bbnewcontoured fitting handle that allows the paint bucket to rest on top of the hand. This allows the larger arm muscles to carry the weight of the bucket rather than your small finger muscles.

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