Paint Bucket Holders

Paint Bucket Holders

If you have done any painting over the years, you can relate to carrying around a bucket of paint, paint_buckets_5dripping paint from around the rim, leaving  paint drips everywhere we go. After a while, you get tired of carrying the container and leave it next to you, only having to bend over repeatedly to reapply paint to your brush.

How many of you have bumped, stepped into or knocked over the paint container?

Let’s take a look at the different types of paint can and paint bucket holders to make life easier for your next painting project.

When your painting project involves working off an extension ladder, whether your painting the trim or main body of house, there are a few options using metal hangers that fasten or rest on the AC22_LRGrung of the ladder. They allow you to hang the bucket on the outside rail of the ladder. You can position the hanger on the rung which is most comfortable for you to paint from. As you move up or down the ladder, you will need to relocate the hanger and bucket.

Never move the ladder to a new location without taking the hanger and bucket down off the ladder.       

Another product called the Ladder Clamp also fastens to the outside rail of the extension ladder. Made of plastic, it has threaded C clamps that tighten to the ladder and the top edge of the paint can.

With all the holders I just covered, you always need to work safely when relocating the bucket and hanger to various working heights.

Ladder accidents happen every day, and a large portion of these accidents are caused by carrying items up and down ladders.67k7404s2

Michelangelo Paint Can Holder is another extension ladder holder which also works with stepladders 6 ft. and taller. The hanging device is made of 2 metal hanger hooks that rest on the rung of Style D rung ladders. It has a rubber strap that can be adjusted to hold quart size and gallon containers. It also has a brush holding magnet which positions the brush over the open can to catch any drips.

A product called Quick Draw allows a painter to attach a one gallon paint can to either hip.

Big Boy Ind. has a product called the Buddy System that comes with a paint bucket holder and a removable dripless paint bucket that holds a quart of paint. The holder attaches to your belt on either side, whether your right handed or left handed. It positions yourholderp_clipped_rev_1 paint bucket at your side for easy access. It’s ideal when painting from a ladder.

The dripless paint bucket has a wiping flange that allows you to wipe your paint brush inside the paint bucket away from the rim. The  excess paint drips back into the paint bucket eliminating the worry of paint running down the outside of your paint bucket and getting on your floors. It prevents accidents and leaving you with a cleaner work area.

The Buddy System allows you to work safer, freeing up your hands. Stop taking chances, holding the paint container in one hand and a paint brush in the other and trying to climb up and down the ladder.

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