Painting Tools


During your lifetime, you will probably  pick-up a paint brush and do some dabbling of paint.

Whether it be working on your own painting project, or helping out a friend. Before you head down to your local paint or hardware store, let’s take a look at some of the painting tools available that will make this a more enjoyable project, rather than a painting nightmare.

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Choosing the right brush does make a difference with all the different paints available. If you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) painter and want professional looking results, spend the extra couple of dollars for a quality paint brush. This will eliminate brush strokes that the cheaper brushes leave behind.

When using oil base coatings, a china bristle brush is the right choice for these types of finishes. This includes oil base paints, stains, varnishes, shellacs, lacquers and polyurethanes.

For latex paints, 100% polyester brush is the right choose to make. It will leave you with a imagerequestsmooth surface and eliminate brush marks.

Wooster makes a brush called the Short Cut. It has a short handle that allows you to paint in tight spots that a longer handled brush would get in the way.

Anza makes a line of brushes specifically for painting window grilles and narrow trim.54cfbd2d0b8bb_-_anza-elite-window-brush-009

A very useful tool for those hard to reach spots, whether it’s to touch-up a ceiling, paint the overhang, soffits and fascia boards, is an extension brush holder. The device screws into the end of a standard extension pole or broom handle and features a screw-clamp yoke for holding a paint brush. You slide the paint brush 54cfbd2e0a890_-_extension-brush-holder-470-into the yoke and tighten the clamp. You can adjust the yoke to the desired painting angle. It saves you from having to use a ladder.

When it comes time to roll-out your walls and ceiling, you will need an extension pole. A quick-connect pole allows you to easily connect and discount the roller frame with-out having to screw and unscrew the pole. It’s also easy to extend by just pushing the button to release and either pull in or push-out the top section until the spring loaded pin drops into a hole to lock in place.

Another great tool for those hard to reach areas, behind radiators, toilets and cabinets is the Mini-Koter roller. It has a 26 ½” long handle and fits small diameter roller covers that allows you to54cfbd2d9fc52_-_mini-koter-0908 reach spaces too tight for larger rollers and paint brushes.

If you find that cutting in walls with a paint brush is time consuming for you, Quic Key Painter has a fast trim roller that they say eliminates any need to apply painters tape to window trim and baseboard. The roller abuts the edge of the area you are cutting in and leaves the surface free of paint and with a nice finished line.

When it comes to paint buckets, you no longer have to settle on a paint bucket that drips paint every step you take. Big Boy Ind. has a drip-less paint bucket called the Buddy Bucket that has new flange technology that allows you to paint with-out the worry of paint dripping everywhere.Amazon Buddy Bucket The hand-held bucket holds more than 1 quart of paint and has a contoured fitting handle that rest on top of your hand for a comfortable working experience. It also has a brush holding magnet and pouring spout.

 Along with your hand tools, you will need a step ladder and extension ladder for exterior painting.

An article in October 2013 Popular Mechanics writes that 700 people die annually in falls from ladders and scaffolding. One mistake is responsible for about half of all ladder accidents, carrying something while climbing. Big Boy Ind. has designed a product to address this problem.

The Buddy System is a paint bucket holder with a custom designed drip-less paint bucket. It allows a painter to work comfortably without having to carry his paint bucket. By placing the paint bucket into the holder and using the brush holding magnet to hold the paint brush, it frees both bsnew1hands of the painter allowing them to climb ladders and scaffolding safely. The Buddy System also positions your paint bucket on your side for easy access, eliminating the need to continually bend down to reapply paint to your brush. You can find more information about the Buddy System and Buddy Bucket at